November 2021

National Diabetes Awareness month

Our focus during the month of November is to raise awareness of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, which affects over 45% of Monterey County adults and, alarmingly, children at increasing rates. With your support, we can help our community discover their risk for developing diabetes, provide education on preventing and managing diabetes, and connect them to local programs and resources. Join us in our effort to combat the diabetes epidemic by downloading and sharing our content. 

Spread awareness

Download our toolkits below to share our content through a variety of channels.

Social media

Post to your personal, organizational, or group Facebook or Instagram page


Send to your neighbors, employees, colleagues, family, or friends


Include our messaging in your business, organization, or club newsletter 

Et cetera

Share generic digital messaging via employee intranet, text message, etc.   


Download, share, or print our handouts specially curated for National Diabetes Awareness Month. 

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